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Ultrasonic Thickness gauging


UTM, Hull Surveys & Pre-Docking Surveys for all types of Vessel under all IACS Classes.

We specialize in Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement & Hull surveys of Vessels of all types.

We survey more than 200 Vessels each year worldwide and successfully complete Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement & Hull projects of any type.

Our staff carry years of practical training in the field of UTM & Ship Repair.

We work closely with our principals and all Classification Societies against the requirements of each project covering the requirements of Class Statutory & Occasional Surveys, as well as Hull Repairs or Modification Surveys.

Our staff act as multitools while on your Vessel, providing services beyond simple UTM, to cover steel fitting, welding inspections, monitoring of staging, etc.

Our extensive experience in all available Class UTM Software allow us to produce comprehensive and well-detailed UTM Reports accompanied by Naval drawings. We prepare Dry-Dock Specifications along with explanatory Steel Estimation Reports to identify the attention areas of your Vessel and produce Yard-Ready results to assist in pre-fabrication of Steel plates and preparation of Steel Repairs.

Our staff can also deliver supplementary UTM Reports as per the Requirements of each Classification Society. This involves amongst others, Cap Reports and Section Modulus Reports.

Our approval scope covers major and reputable Class members, while we work seamlessly with all principals representing the Owner in a variety of requirements.

Our experience makes the difference. Our staff approach each project as individual, identify its specific parameters and tailor their working performance within the requirements and the timeline of each project. We are used to working under pressure and always aim to outperform the specifics of each project.

Our Service is approved by the following IACS Class members:

1. American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

2. Bureau Veritas (BV)

3. DNV

4. China Classification Society(CCS)

5. Class NK (NKK)

6. Korean Register (KRS)

7. Lloyds Register (LRS)