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Rope Access along with UTM


Our IRATA UTM Team reaches and inspects every area freeing you from cherry picker and staging requirements. Fast, Cost-Efficient, Flexible, Multipurpose.

Rope Access is the optimum method when it comes to Ship Close-up Inspection and Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement. Rope Access is also recognised by IACS members as a valid Remote Inspection Technique for survey & Close up.

Able to be carried out at any type of Vessel, at virtually any Port, Yard or seagoing condition, Rope Access provides a clear path away from costly and time-consuming options such as fixed staging, temporary staging, rafting, cherry picker hire & alternative means of temporary access. Moreover, it allows to complete Ship Surveys combined with In-Water Surveys without entering the Shipyard. Finally, it does not require lengthy and complicated port formalities making the survey logistics simpler, faster and more efficient for Captains, crews, and Company representatives.

Using Rope Access, the non-Accessible sections of each Vessel become therefore 100% Close-up surveyable, while our Rope Access Team brings you inch close to each structural component and allows for a 100% proper assessment of the Vessel’s condition and attention areas.

A major benefit of the process is that our team is not restricted by fixed or temporary staging or cherry picker track restriction. Where the surveyor wants to go we go, therefore saving money usually spent in staging and more importantly saving time from the vessel’s commercial obligations and port activity. The end result of this is a more flexible survey carried out to 100% satisfaction of the requirements, without any Vessel Off-Hire or costly bills in the end.

Rope Access Surveys are faster in execution as well, while they can be carried out in total unity with the Vessel’s operational timeline, without requiring external crane or any other external assistance. Our Rope Access Team carries out its surveys in line with the vessel’s cargo operation and as applicable catching loading or pre-loading available spaces as they become free and safe for inspection.

CCTV system gives our clients a bird’s eye view of each component and allows for Class, RO surveyors and other attending third parties, to get a valid preview of each section we survey. CCTV recording of our working progress, where requested covers the requirements of IACS members for remote inspection techniques.

Our Technical team is 100% IRATA Certified and one of the very few supervised by an active IRATA LEVEL III Supervisor.

Our IRATA Level III Supervisor monitors and coordinates every project and ensures compliance with the governing safety regulations and procedures as also required by Ports & Terminals.

Our Service is approved by the following IACS Class members:

1. American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

2. Bureau Veritas (BV)

3. DNV

4. Class NK (NKK)

5. Korean Register (KRS)

6. Lloyds Register (LRS)