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Third Party Services


Marine Advisory / Agency

We provide New-building broker & repair dry-docking broker base our extensive network and technical resources in China / Asia.

We aid with overseas shipping company to effectively enter into Chinese market. We act on behalf of overseas ship owners to select proper shipyard for ship repairing, new construction, participating in evaluation and assessment for repairing items,production drawing.

We, PLUCK Marine Service, with an excellent group of professional investment consults, are dedicated to provide the professional services for the international investors. Especially for those international shipping corporations. Well recognized by our customers, we have established an extensive connection in the shipping field. And this, we believe that we will definitely make us to be your best partner.

Technical Support Services 

We offers a wide range of technical management support services, including Drydock & Repair supervision, New Building Supervision, On-board technical inspection, ship crew training, and ship management consultancy.

Drydock Repair Technical Superintendent Service

A professional technical superintendent’s guidance is vital to an efficient drydock repair. To accommodate dry docking arrangement and ensure the repair to be completed on schedule with quality maintained, our technical superintendents will coordinate closely with all relevant parties, including shipyard, paint supplier, class surveyor, ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) company, LSA & FFA services provider, radio equipment service provider and surveying company, etc. In addition, a technical superintendent should conduct SMS management supervision/inspection; review and assess the management of vessel; provide technical training and instruction to crew members. Our experienced technical superintendents, who possess SMS internal auditor certificates issued by classification society, are able to carry out ship management supervision based on the safety management system of ship management company; coordinate with relevant parties; ensure that the drydock repair is completed in compliance with repair plan and schedule.

New Building Supervision

During the ship’s newbuilding process, it is very important that the vessel must be built in accordance with the contract, specifications, and rules. PLUCK Marine provides close monitoring from the keel laying to the final delivery. All aspects of newbuilding supervision can be provided commencing with shipyard selection, design evaluation, and finalization of the vessel specifications according to the latest standards and regulations. The site team conducts scheduled inspections and overall supervision of projects is carried out by a dedicated team.

PLUCK Marine holds extensive experience in managing dry-docking and new building projects, particularly in the Asian Pacific region. Our strong surveyors’ network covers all major shipyards and ports in China and Asia Pacific region. All our surveyors are highly experienced and we ensure that all projects complete within the stipulated time and budget without compromising the quality and safety of the vessel.