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Flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen deficiency in enclosed spaces can represent a significant hazard to a ship. We have the technicians with experience to calibrate and service portable gas detection meters and alcohol testersinclude:DraegerRae SystemsCrowconRiken KeikiRKIHoneywellLumidorZellwegerMSAServomexBio SystemsKitagawaScottOldhamUTI meter is a kind of liquid level gauge designed for restricted gauging of petroleum products. The sensor of this gauge have two function: oil water interface detect and temperature measurement. in order to make the measured data reach the exactly data ASAP. This gauge need to be calibration one time one year.Our technicians can calibrated and repair the UTI. The rule of this meter have two function: measurement and as a circle. But the ruler is very easy broken. We have all spare parts of this meter and we can change the ruler for you. We believe our service can meet your requirements.Enraf Tanksystem SA & MMC ETC.


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