PLUCK Marine Service Co., Ltd Supply a complete range of products. Our products choose from leading manufacturers from China and worldwide to guarantee your satisfaction.
At PLUCK Marine Service Co., Ltd  we are constantly aware of our clients’ greatest concern – to save time and make money. That is why we are the first supplier to guarantee you a swift response – on all your inquiries.
Most products we supply meet with latest SOLAS/IMO/MEPC etc., code and regulation with Classification Society certification/ EC certification.

Deck /Engine /Cabin stores:
Welfare Item:,Safety Work Shoes, Calf Skin Working Gloves, 
Leather Palm WorkingGloves, Plastic Chipping Goggles, 
Welders Goggles, Dust Protecting Masks,Noise foe Ear Muffs, etc

Hand Tools 
Emery Tape, Abrasive, Grease Nipples, Flexible Extension Hose,
Scupper Plugs, Cast Bronze Air Hose Couplings, etc.

Electrical Stores: 
Lamps and Plugs & Receptacles, Tubular Navigation Lamps,
Indication lamps, Flat Reflector Lamps RFH, Spot Reflector Lamps, etc.

Equipments: Electric Hot Plates, Electric Coffee
Makers, Electric Washing Machines, Electric Kettles, Electric Rice
Cookers/Steamers, Two Way Transformers, etc.

Safety Equipment: 
Signs, Fire Extinguishers: breathing apparatus,
life rafts, life buoys and jackets, distributor for delight IMO signs fire
blankets, Man-over-board, Lifebuoy Self-activating Smoke Signals, etc.

Pneumatic / Electrical Tools: 
Pneumatic Impact Wrenches, Pneumatic Angle Grinders, 
Pneumatic Straight Grinders, etc.

Nautical Equipment: 
B.A Charts, US Charts, AUS charts & Publications Tele-printer
recording s, etc.


Refill items: 
Including oxygen, acetylene, Freon 12, Freon 22, etc.

Chemical Products: 
Alkalinity control, d.c.w.t. Powder, tank cleaner, air cooler
cleaner, biological cleaner, carbon remover, cement remover, etc

Grinding Compound.

Tank Cleaning

JIS standard marine valve and flange,etc 
Mooring ropes, crane wires, steel wire ropes, metal plates, steel
pipes & valves, rigging equipment. 
Anchor, Anchor Chain and fittings all main class approved 
All kinds of marine flags. 
Aluminum & Zinc anodes (welding & bolt type), aluminum & zinc rod.

Provision stores /Bonded Stores

Fresh vegetables /Fresh fruits /Seafood
Frozen meat /Fish /Vegetables /Preserved 
Canned meat and cold cuts / Vegetables 
Cereals /Dry legumes / Flour 
Canned fruits /Jams /Juices /Syrups 
Butter /Fats /oils 
Dairy Products and Eggs 
Sauce /Vinegar /Extracts 
Spices /Herbs /Dried /Fruits 
Pastry /Coffee /Tea /Sugar 
Duty-free liquor and tobacco
Second hand marine equipment 
Marine radar portable gas detector with calibration cert

oil water detector UTI with calibration cert. anchor chain navigation equipment CO2 fire fighting system cylinder with hydraulic test cert. Halon cylinder with 1301 content inside with hydraulic cert.


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