Fire fighting equipment/system inspection and maintenance

Fire-fighting equipment/system inspection and maintenance as a business unit of  PLUCK Marine Service Co., Ltd  a comprehensive range of high quality service for our client around the clock.

Our related inspection and maintenance service items including:

  • Portable/non-portable extinguishers.

  • Fixed CO2/Foam/Dry Powder/Halon Fire Fighting System.

  • Local Water Mist/Water Spray/Inert Gas System Fire Fighting System.

  • SCBA/ EEBD & Fire fighting man outfit.

  • Smoke and Fire detection system

  • Portable and fixed gas detection

  • Breathing air compressors

  • Protective clothing

  • Masks and filters

  • Foam analysis

Issue inspection certificates of:

Our "Total Care" Port Service gives a quick turnaround on service for all your FRS needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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