Which university in China is best for automotive and ship design?


With the birth of the world's first car, many countries have developed and produced their own cars. Modern Chinese also had the idea of establishing China's own automobile industry, but it was shattered by Japan's war of aggression against China. By the time the People's Republic of China was founded, there was no automobile manufacturing industry in China, and there were only some small-scale automobile repair and auto parts manufacturing small enterprises. After the founding of New China, it began planning to establish a car industry. After decades of development, China's automobile industry has a certain scale, but compared with developed countries, China's automobile industry is still very backward. After the reform and opening up, there are a large number of automobile joint ventures, although China has opened up the market. But did not learn the technology, the core technology has always been in the hands of Germany, the United States, Japan and other car powers. The design of vehicles, ships and other vehicles is different from other design projects, and has a strong professionalism. To do these designs, you need to understand the engineering design contents of ergonomics, traffic engineering, manufacturing engineering, operation engineering, and management engineering. It involves many basic theories, professional basic theories and professional knowledge. What belongs to the art design category in automobile design is the shape and color design of the automobile body. Body color is the first appearance impression of the car, it is the most direct aspect of people's evaluation of the car, and it is also an important market competition factor for the car, which is very important for car design. The body shape is both an engineering design and an art design. From the perspective of engineering design, it must meet the structural strength requirements, the matching requirements of the vehicle layout and the process requirements of the stamping block, and the minimum aerodynamic drag coefficient to meet the aerodynamic requirements of the vehicle body. From the point of view of art design, it should adapt to the characteristics of the times and people's hobbies, and design art as a craft, giving people a sense of beauty. If the design content is not supported by the overall supporting ability, it is a fantasy to carry out the design of the car or the ship.

The design of vehicles, ships and other vehicles is difficult due to technical difficulties, and there are many supporting projects with high thresholds. Nowadays, the domestic transportation design is still in a relatively backward state. Even the domestic manufacturers' car design has always been the world of foreign design companies. The strong domestic market demand has attracted many domestic design colleges to enter this design field, but there are very few schools with relevant conditions. Among them, Wuhan University of Technology is a college with better conditions. The school was formed by the merger of Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan Jiaotong University, and Wuhan Automotive University. It is the largest school in China's colleges and universities in building materials, transportation, and automobile. It is an important base for high-level personnel training and technological innovation in China's “three major industries”.

In the 1960s, China's Second Automobile was established in Hubei. From the construction of the Second Automobile to the reform and opening up in the early 1980s, it was the growth stage of China's automobile industry. Unlike FAW relying on Soviet aid construction, the Second Automobile is a large-scale automobile manufacturing plant built entirely by the Chinese people. Wuhan University of Technology, established in Wuhan, is an important talent training base for the Second Automobile. The school is one of the best universities in the country in the discipline construction of automobiles and ships. The school is the first batch of national key universities directly under the Ministry of Education, which was listed in the national “211 Project”. The first batch was included in the national “double-class plan” to build colleges and universities. It was jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau. Colleges and universities.

The School of Art and Design's industrial design professional transportation design direction, innovation in teaching and research mode and research mode. Through the multi-disciplinary cross-cultivation method combining production, study and research, a large number of transportation design talents with both theoretical and engineering knowledge capabilities and practical design experience have been trained. Over the years, under the background of the school's strengthening of vehicle disciplines and design disciplines, the Institute of Industrial Design has made unremitting efforts and, under the guidance of outstanding teachers, gradually developed a deeper understanding of design and stood at a higher level of life. The innovation of the way has a deeper understanding and has played a major role in various competitions. On November 8, 2018, the first national automotive creative design competition, the school's work "Finder - Future Concept Racing" won the only gold medal in the audience and won the award of excellent guidance teacher. On October 26, 2018, in the 9th China University Yacht Design Competition, “The Pioneering Bohai, Achievement Star”, the four student teams of the school were selected for the finals of the competition. It is one of the universities with the largest number of finalists in this competition. Under the background of the discipline of ship discipline and design discipline, the Institute of Industrial Design has a ship design level with both theoretical and engineering knowledge and practical design experience. The design concept with profound concept, novel design, beautiful appearance and high feasibility won the praise of the judges in this competition.

After the on-site defense and review of the finals, the industrial design department of the institute won the second prize of “80 feet or above” and won the third prize of “80 feet above” and “below 50 feet”. Award. The school also became the most awarded university among all participating units.

On October 25, 2018, the 6th "SAIC Design International Challenge" global finals ended in Shanghai. The contest lasted more than 7 months and received more than 400 high-level design works from more than 100 prestigious universities at home and abroad. It finally optimized and produced 19 exquisite models for competition. The graduate students and undergraduates of the Industrial Design Department of the institute were both finalists. Won a good result in the third place.

Wuhan University of Technology, Department of Art and Professional Studies was founded in 1987. The School of Art and Design is the first professional college in Central and South China with a doctoral degree in design art, a postdoctoral research station in art, and a master's degree in engineering design. The discipline is a key discipline in Hubei Province. At present, the college has two first-level doctoral programs in design and art theory, and the art education research direction under the doctoral program of art theory has become an important highland for the cultivation of high-end talents in art education in Hubei Province. At present, the college also has two post-doctoral research stations in design science and art theory. It has three master's degree programs in design, art theory and fine arts, as well as master's degree in art (MFA) and master in industrial design engineering. 2 professional master's degree granting rights; 6 undergraduate majors, including industrial design (product design) with strong transportation design, animation professional for national characteristics, environmental design, visual communication design for provincial level Brand building professional. In 2017, the Ministry of Education's degree center ranked, and Wuhan University of Technology's “Design Science” ranked 10th in the country. Ranked among the best in a comprehensive university.

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